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  • Windshield Repair
  • Windshield Leak Repair
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  • Auto Glass Replacement 
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • Auto Glass Leak Repair
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 All Star Windshields In Southern California

Welcome to All Star Windshields, Southern California's leading auto glass replacement provider. When choosing us as your auto glass company, it's important that customers know it's our mission to provide top of the line auto glass replacements and repairs. The Inland Empire, San Diego, High Desert and Anaheim area's have been home to All Star Windshields for years. By providing free mobile service, and quality products, our technicians are equipped and capable of performing reliable and efficient auto glass replacement and repairs. We appreciate your interest in our company and we look forward to working with you. Once your vehicle auto glass repair or replacement is complete, you will then understand why we have become the leader in vehicle auto glass repairs and replacements

At All Star Windshields, we feel that it's important to educate customers on the importance of "quality auto glass" and "proper installation". This eliminates the likelihood of encountering low quality products, but more importantly improper installations. It also prevents customers like you from being taken advantaged of by greedy or inexperienced auto glass providers. Customers should be aware of the type of auto glass that's available today. Knowing the brand of auto glass and whether the glass is used or new leads many auto glass companies to have different prices. By asking questions pertaining to the things we just mentioned, only raises the bar for auto glass providers alike. At this point you are probably saying to yourself, "Okay, so why is all this important?". Well, unfortunately today we come across many auto glass companies that install low quality, or used auto glass. We've seen first hand how auto glass companies charge outrageous prices, only to install the cheapest piece of auto glass in the market. To us, this is unacceptable!  This gives honest auto glass providers like us a bad name. Now on to "Improper Auto Glass Installation", auto glass providers today have turned to installing used auto glass and low quality bonding adhesives. With used glass you put yourself at risk of encountering a "stress crack", this happens when a windshield has conformed to the original vehicle. Over time after the used glass is installed the vehicle windshield will crack, this is due to tension being placed on certain points of windshield while it adjust to the new vehicle. The end result, structural weakness and cracks with no impact point. Sadly, used auto glass has grown in popularity, mainly due to the prices some shops offer them for.

Lastly, at All Star Windshields we make you a priority. We offer the lowest prices while using quality brands you can trust. You'll be pleased to learn that All Star Windshields has worked hard to earn a reputation that has gained popularity amongst business, dealership and every day customers like you. When choosing All Star Windshields we guarantee professional, reliable but more importantly an affordable auto glass company.  Lastly, we take customer service very serious and guarantee customer satisfaction. 

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Southern California

Windshield Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement Southern California

By choosing All Star Windshields you'll be pleased to learn that our prices and exceptional service has changed the way customers view windshield replacement. Keep in mind that most of our auto glass replacements come with free mobile service. To learn more of our services


Windshield Repair

Do not be mislead by other companies that claim all auto glass damage needs to be replaced. Today, there are to many windshields being replaced that could of been a simple auto glass repair. If you are interested in learning more...


Vehicle Door Glass Replacement

Have you become a victim to vehicle vandalism. Don't worry, we have options available to you. With the economy in the slumps it is not surprise that vehicle door glass are the first thing hit. To learn more of what we can do for you

Vehicle Back Glass Replacement

Vehicle Back Glass Replacement Southern California

     When the back glass on your vehicle is broken into a thousand pieces, we know it's not a good day for anyone. The cost can be outrageous, and in some cases making the process of find a auto glass company within your budget difficult. Well, look no further.


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Other Services 

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Repair

Windshield Leak Repair

Vehicle Door Glass Replacement

Vehicle Back Glass Replacement

Vehicle Vent Glass Replacement

Vehicle Quarter Glass Replacement

Vehicle Door Regulator Repair

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