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 All Star Windshields

     Welcome to our webpage and thank you for taking the time to learn about what our company has to offer.  Our site gives you the freedom to navigate and search for any auto glass issue you may be encountering.  You will be pleased to learn that All Star Windshields of Southern California is the leading auto glass company to service area. We specialize in windshield replacement; auto glass repairs; vent glass replacement; quarter glass replacement; and vehicle back glass replacement. There's no auto glass issue we haven't dealt with or heard of. With that being said let us review a few thing that will better prepare you when looking for an auto glass company. 

Many customers today are unaware of things to watch out for when choosing an auto glass company. One important question to ask before choosing a company is "what type of glass is being installed on the vehicle".  Like most things these days you have options, same applies when it comes to auto glass.  This is what most auto glass companies neglect to inform their customers. Believe it or not, there is a difference between aftermarket auto glass and OEM auto glass.  It is important to know the difference so you don't get over charged or lead to believe the auto glass being installed is OEM when its not. To keep things simple, prices for auto glass will very due to the type of glass that particular company offers for the vehicle. All Star Windshields always recommends OEM auto glass, this glass may cost more, but the longevity of the glass pays off in the end. OEM auto glass is thicker then aftermarket auto glass, making it able to withstand more of an impact that many of us run into on the road today. With that being said, I don't want you to think that aftermarket auto glass is bad. All Star Windshields understands that price can be an issue, for many of us aftermarket auto glass is a quick and cost efficient solution. In the end, when it comes to the cost of a windshield we understand that OEM glass isn't always option. We hope this helps you understand the difference in what you are paying for. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our local office in the area. Our technicians are capable of quoting and answering anything question you may have.

     Here at All Star Windshields we make auto glass replacement and windshield repairs fast, convenient, and above all else; Affordable!  Whatever the auto glass issue may be, our company is the solution to turn to. Today, our coverage area has spread from San Diego California, Inland Empire California and now the greater Los Angeles area.  Our same day auto glass replacements has gained us the reputation as the most reliable auto glass company in industry.  Having this reputation is why we do our best to keep customers coming back. To better serve you we have provided a list of auto glass options below so you may find it easier to determine the type of auto glass needed for the vehicle.  This will speed up the process and prevent the likelihood of an installer arriving with the wrong auto glass. Once the appointment has been set you'll see that our team is determined to make your experience one you will refer to others. Becoming the leader in the auto glass industry has not been an easy task, but we carry that repuation with pride. If this is your first time choosing All Star Windshields, rest assured knowing we stand behind our work. Most installs are preformed in under a hour and with our state of the urethane we'll have the vehicle done and on the road hours after the install. 

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Southern California

Windshield Replacement

windshield replacement demonstration California

     Today, windshields are the most common piece of glass replaced on vehicles. Choosing the right company to preform your windshield replacement is not only important to your wallet, but your safety as well. Our company is the leader in windshield replacements today, we provide same day, free mobile service for all of Southern California (San Diego, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles).  In order for us to provide our customers with an accurate quote, phone technicians will gather vehicle information.  The windshield replacement cost is determined off the vehicle year, make, and model. Windshields today are equipped with special features, these features will be brought to your attention prior to any appointment. Lastly, we have gained a reputation for showing that we care about our customers and their satisfaction.  Leave your windshield replacement to a company you can trust. 

Windshield Repair

     Windshield repairs have taken the industry by storm, making small chip's and crack's a burden of the past. You will be pleased to learn that our highly trained technicians are capable of fixing minor windshield damage for most vehicles on the road today. Unfortunately, this technique is only capable of fixing windshield damage up to the size of quarter, and windshield cracks no longer then 4in.  Importantly, do not be mislead or told that the only solution is a windshield replacement. This is trend we have noticed other companies doing in order to get the more profitable sale. Our technicians will make every attempt to fix the windshield damage. Like most customers they are unsure if their damage is repairable, should you have any questions please feel free to contact our local office by clicking the county you live in from above.  

Car Window Replacement

Car door window replacement is sure to put a damper on any parade, with the economy in a slump we noticed first hand the increase in vehicle vandalism. This year alone vehicle break-in's have more then quadrupled. The auto glass industry is first to notice when situations like this start to increase. It is unfortunate when situations arise that are out of your control, this is why we offer a 10% discount on all vandalism's that are brought to our attention. We understand auto glass can be costly. Our low cost door glass replacement has played a huge role in our success.  We also offer free mobile service for installs within our service area, making installs available from any location, work, or home. Call today and take advantage of our 10% discount.

Vehicle Back Glass Replacement

Vehicle Back Glass Installation California

     Vehicle back glass has never been more affordable to replace. Here at All Star Windshields we make vehicle back glass replacement fast, convenient and above all else, affordable! Why hassle with leaving the vehicle at a shop for hours. Our auto glass team provides free mobile service, allowing us to complete your automotive back glass from the convenience of your work or home. If you are in need of an emergency install keep in mind that most replacements can be preformed same day, and in under an hour for most common vehicles. The cost of vehicle back glass starts at $100 depending on the vehicle year, make, and model. To receive an accurate quote, call and talk to our certified phone technicians.

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