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Montclair California Windshield Replacement
All Star Windshields of Monclair specializes in windshield replacement. We carry most vehicle year, makes and models. This allows us to provide same day, free mobile windshield replacement for Montclair. Many windshield replacement companies have serviced Montclair over the year but none that compare to All Star. You'll be pleased to learn that most windshields can be installed same day, and with our state of the art urethane customers can be driving their vehicle hours after the install. Windshields have come a long way, at one point windshields were installed with butyle tape. This ended up being a contributor to weak stability and led to people being ejected from the vehicle. All Star Windshields go the extra mile to give you the option of choosing American or Foreign windshields. Many customers are unaware of the difference between the two, this can later lead to needing another windshield. Don't be mislead or over priced by companies that are out to take advantage customers, choose a company you can trust. 

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