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Ontario California 
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Ontario California Serviced by All Star Windshields
 Today we're happy to say we have serviced over half a million customers within and around Ontario California. As our numbers continue to rise each day, so does our effort to make each customer another satisfied one. With your support, and word of mouth experiences, we raise the bar a little more for other windshield replacement companies in the area. Over the years you've probably noticed the wide range of auto glass companies trying to service Ontario, California.  It's important that we make our customers and future customers aware of the differences between other windshield replacement companies and All Star Windshields. Let us start by explaining the role windshields play when in the vehicle.

 Today, windshields are not just an ordinary piece of glass that prevents wind or rain from entering vehicle. You'll be surprised to learn that windshields are designed and formulated to act as a and stabilizer and safety measure should you ever be involved in a vehicle roll over. Windshields are designed to act a backbone to air bags when they deploy in a vehicle collision. All this may sound crazy but its a surprise to many. Its important that customer's know these things when deciding which windshield replacement company is best near Ontario California.

 Now you're probably wondering, how do I know which windshield is best for my vehicle. The solution is simple, ask questions.  One being, what type of windshield is being installed. This is where OEM and aftermarket auto glass comes into play. These two products are made by different vendors, these vendors can be foreign or domestic. Now in our opinion, we have seen the quality of foreign glass go up and down. There are some foreign vendors that you may or may not of heard of, but keep in mind that a few things are for sure, aftermarket windshields are not made to the same color, durability, thickness, size and shape as an OEM product. In worst cases the windshield can be distorted. Now lets talk about OEM windshields. OEM Windshields are the same color, durability, thickness, size, and shape as the original windshield specs. Windows labeled "OEM" are virtually identical to dealer glass, in some cases though they aren't always made by the same company that originally contracted with your vehicle manufacturer. Should this be the case it will be brought to your attention.

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