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 Welcome to All Star Windshields of Jurupa Valley California. Here you'll find that we offer the lowest prices in auto glass services. Our installers have experience in all area of auto glass, this includes windshield replacement and auto glass repair. Many of the installers have over 10 years in the field. This makes us the most reliable auto glass service company in Jurupa Valley of Riverside California. If your like most customers then you're probably looking around for a quote that fits within your budget. Well look no further, All Star Windshields of Jurupa Valley, CA offer the lowest prices in the industry today. We do this while still providing quality products. 

If this happens to be your first auto glass service encounter, let me start by saying your in good hands. We are one of the few auto glass providers in Jurupa Valley California that have managed to stick around throughout the economic downfall. Over the last few years we have witnessed first hand the growth within the auto glass industry. This is important for customers to know, sadly with this growth it has led to some auto glass companies cutting corners. In some cases we've seen where customers are sold very low quality auto glass. Its important to be aware of somethings to look out for. 

1. Does the auto glass provider have a Shop?

A. This is important for the customer, there's been to many times where customers can't get a hold of the auto glass company after the install. Leading the customer to seek help with another auto glass company. 

2. Does the auto glass provider drive a truck with no business name displayed?

A. Today, it's more then common to run into a truck on the road that offer auto glass repair and replacement. Little information is ever given about the company. This is another thing we've came across when customers run into a bad experience. 

3. Is the glass used or new?

If your like most customers today, it's typical to think that glass for their vehicle is just glass. We are here to tell you that is not the case. Auto glass today is designed to play several roles in vehicle safety, stability. Many customers are unaware of the role that auto glass take on. Don't be sold a used piece of glass thinking its new. This is another corner that companies cutting to save money and take advantage of customers who don't no any better. 

Lastly, All Star Windshields is a reliable and fast growing company. We have catered to the community since 2008 and we look forward to serving Jurupa Valley for years to come. As are list of satisfied customers continues to grow, so does our effort to show customer like you why we stand out about the rest. Don't settle for less, your No.1 auto glass service shop is just a phone call away. 

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