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Services Offered

  • Auto Glass Repair
  • Auto Glass Replacement
  • Auto Glass Chip Repair
  • Auto Glass Crack Repair
  • Mobile Auto Glass Installation 
  • Emergency Auto Glass Replacement

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Welcome to All Star Windshields, Newport Beach California's highly ranked and reviewed auto glass shop. We have earned a reputation for providing reliable, safe and affordable options. Newport Beach continues to grow year by year and with that growth so does the demand for auto glass repairs and replacement. As we continue to bring Newport Beach a service it can trust we want to thank for taking the time to learn about what separates us from other auto glass shop.


Today, All Star Windshields of Newport Beach California has a countless number of satisfied customers.  Many of these customers have continued to turn to us for years now. Since we started serving Newport Beach in 2007, one thing has never changed, our work ethic. All Star Windshields has grown over the years by gaining the support of its community, small business, and dealerships. As our efforts continue to influence Newport Beaches auto glass shops, and the level of service it should it provide. We know that we have raised the bar for other auto glass shops in the area. Today, you'll find that we make auto glass a hassle free experience. In the end, we are aimed at reinventing the auto glass industry. We appreciate the support of Newport Beach California and we will continue to make sure every customer is happy they choose All Star Windshields.

Work Ethic

Today there's been a growing trend of auto glass providers working strictly out of their truck. Now to many this may not sound like a huge deal, but unfortunately this puts the customer at risk. These type of installers usually have a work truck that only display's a phone number. Providing little, to no information about the company they work for. This allows them to have the upper hand should a customer need warranty related work. In many cases, we've heard the customers were unable to make contact with the installer when issues later on arrived. From what we've heard and learned, this is the norm when it comes to these type of installers. The risk customers like you should know, has to do with "safety". Some of these installers have no experience in the field. We've critiqued installs by these type of auto glass providers, in some cases we've seen installs that have been put in with silicon caulking (that's is used for a bathrooms not vehicles). Sadly, the costumer has no idea any of this is taking place. Putting them at risk with improper installation and charging them low prices to make a sale. 

This leads into why we are ranked the No.1 auto glass shop in Newport Beach today. We don't just offer a service you can trust, we install products that are meant for the vehicle. Plus, all of our installs are backed with a warranty. Many customers are happy to learn that all of our install come with same day, free mobile service at no extra charge. We understand that many customers are persuaded by a low price, we do our best to provide the lowest prices available. Lastly, it's important to use a low price auto glass shop you can rely on should there be any issues later on.  

Don't Settle For Less

With that being said, we understand that cost is a main factor when it comes to a replacement and repair. Some vehicles today are equipped with features that many customers are unaware of. As vehicle auto glass becomes more complex and advanced, the more it can cost later on down the road. All Star Windshields has the advantage when it comes to gets around outrageous prices. We have been working with several auto glass vendors for years now. This allows us to provide quality brands at a cost that is sure to fit anybody's budget. 

So what are you waiting for, give us a call, you'll be happy that you did. 

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