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All Star Windshields of Chino CA believes in providing low price auto glass replacement. Over the years we have seen the auto glass industry on the rise, Chino has been home to All Star for years now. As the leader in auto glass replacement it is our duty to inform you of the precations to take when choosing a reliable auto glass company. Nowadays auto glass companies are installing used or low quality foreign make glass. From our perspective, used auto glass replacement leads to issues later down the road. Many have been victims to stress crack, air and water leaks etc. This why when going with a used product is important to ask what warranty is offered with the install. Once they tell you there is none this should raise a big flag for issues they won't come back out to fix. If your unsure of the information being provided feel free to contact us directly to confirm. Our job is not just to install auto glass, its to make sure your getting a auto glass replacement that done right the first time. By choosing us your getting a company you can trust.

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