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Auto Glass in Loma Linda California is easier to come by then ever before. We have technicians standing by ready to handle any of your auto glass needs. Since we started serving Loma Linda we've noticed the rise in work coming from the area. But with that we have been able to work with businesses, dealerships and new customers. We offer amazing deals to customers, our low price auto glass makes us the leading auto glass provider in the area. Don't be mislead to told otherwise, our company has provided auto glass to the area for years now and we install the best products around. You'll find that their are many companies in the area who are willing to install glass, and some may be offering very low prices. One thing local residence should be aware of when you find these prices is the type of products that are being installed. We have come across many vehicle lately that have had used glass or low quality aftermarket glass installed. To you the customer you have no clue on what is being installed and you put most of the trust in the company to take care of you. All Star Windshields of Loma Linda California does just that by only installing new and reputable aftermarket products. Call today to take advantage of our daily specials.  

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