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Do you know your auto glass?

Today auto glass has become complex, raising questions that leave customers in the dark and with a sense of uneasiness. Vehicles today come equipped with features that customers are unaware of. These features can include electrochromic mirror, heads-up display, solar control, rain sensor, condensation sensor, heated, and infrared sensor. The list go on and on, and continues to grow as vehicles evolve and offer more to the consumer. Regardless of the feature, All Star Windshields has a team of individuals that are knowledgeable, experienced and standing by to handle your needs. We understand customers wont know what these feature are, which is why we ask you to click here to learn more about your vehicle windshield.  By taking the time to navigate this webpage, you'll be able to understand the products that are available to you as a customer. We will review the types of auto glass that are available in the industry today and at the same time explain the difference between them. All this is offered to you with the intentions of guiding you in making the best choice.

Original Equipment Manufacture Auto Glass


What is OEM auto glass? This questions comes up a lot these days. First and foremost, OEM stands for (original equipment manufacture). OEM auto glass means the glass is designed and manufactured to meet all state specifications and safety standards for the auto glass to be deemed safe. OEM glass products will come with a brand name that is engraved on the corner of the windshield. The engraved brand will be the vehicle manufactures logo, or in some cases the company logo that the auto manufacture contracts to make OEM auto glass. OEM auto glass does have a tendency to be thicker, this makes the windshield durable and capable of withstanding more of an impact when faced with road debris. In our experience, OEM auto glass is a better product over all.  


Original Equipment Equivalent Auto Glass 


Aftermarket auto glass (OEE - Original Equipment Equivalent) is made by vendors that aren't contracted through the auto manufacture to produce the glass. These vendors are prohibited by the auto manufacture from producing auto glass that is identical to OEM auto glass.  So how do they get away with this? They manufacture auto glass that is similar but not identical. The upside to aftermarket auto glass, the cost is far less then what it would cost for an OEM product. The downside, low quality specs, but more importantly overlooked standards and safety guidelines. Over the years we've noticed that some aftermarket auto glass is thinner and sometimes different in color. We give customers all the ins and outs by informing them of whats available.

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