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Ontario California Auto Glass Replacement 

Ontario California is one of the beautiful cities located on the South West end of San Bernardino County. Among this area you'll find All Star Windshields,we are the leading auto glass replacement provider in the area today. Over the years we have met the demands of our community, working with companies, dealerships. With the help of our community we have made an impression and created a standard that many auto glass replacement providers can not compete against. Our low cost auto glass replacement, free mobile service and same day installations at no extra cost makes us question why you would want to go anywhere else. Today, you'll come across several auto glass replacement providers who will try to persuade you with a low quote, many of these companies never explain or going into over the type of auto glass they are installing on the vehicle. Today, customers in Ontario California have the options of OEM auto glass and aftermarket auto glass. To keep things simple for our customers to understand, "OEM auto glass" is similar to buying the good brand of cereal at a supermarket, buying "aftermarket auto glass" is like purchasing the generic brand. In the end you get the point, you receive a better product when you pay the extra money. The same rules apply when looking for auto glass replacements.  All Star Windshields always recommends that our customers go with OEM products, in some cases we understand this may no be an option. Regardless, we give you the option by making you aware of the type of products we install on your vehicle. Be advised, some companies will give you an outrageously low price, only later to be told that your vehicle requires additional parts and in-turn making the price increase. This a strategy that many companies in the area are doing, don't allow yourself to be a victim to it. By choosing us, we guarantee that our prices will not change. Call today to learn about our daily specials.    

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