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Palm Springs California Auto Glass Replacement
 All Star Windshields of Palm Springs California realizes that the cost of auto glass can be extreme these days. If you are coming across a wide range of prices you should be aware that there are different types of auto glass available for vehicles. OEM auto glass and aftermarket auto glass is what your options are today. When it comes to OEM auto glass its important to know why this is always the best solution when it comes to auto glass replacement. OEM auto glass is (original equipment manufacture) its designed to fit that particular vehicle specifically. Another fact is this glass tends to be more durable and thicker. All these contribute to how long the glass will last and the amount of an impact it can take from debris on the road today. Aftermarket auto glass is made by an outsourced vendor, these days we tend to run across aftermarket products that are so thin it take just the smallest hit or chip or crack it. Aftermarket auto glass
can also be distorted. This is usually not seen until the vehicle replacement is done.
 Many auto glass companies in Palm Springs California will only quote you for aftermarket auto glass; however, this is only because it is lower in price and quality!  All Star Windshields of Palms Springs California makes every attempt to provide customers with low cost auto glass replacement. Lastly, here at All Star Windshields we appreciate your support and look forward to servicing your auto glass needs. Should you have any auto glass questions please feel free to contact us at the number listed on this webpage. Don't forget to ask about our daily specials if you book before 10 A.M.

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