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Yucaipa Auto Glass Replacement
Q. Are you in need of an auto glass replacement?

A. All Star Windshields of Yucaipa California offers low cost, same day auto glass replacement. Today the increase of auto glass replacement companies in Yucaipa have more then doubled. We have learned that many companies have turned to installing low quality used auto glass. As your leader in auto glass replacement All Star Windshields has taken on the industry with hopes to become your choice when issues arise. Don't be mislead or over priced, choose a company you can trust!

Q. How much will my windshields cost?

A. The price for auto glass replacement can very depending on vehicle year, make and model. As times have changed, so has glass and the features they come with. First and foremost, we aim to provide the most affordable prices in Yucaipa California. As our reputation continues to grow so does effort to provide OEM auto glass. We appreciate the support Yucaipa California has offered, it has been home to us for many years now and we will continue to for the years to come.

Q. What is the difference between used auto glass or foreign OEM auto glass?

A. If you've been searching around for the lowest price you should be aware of the precautions to take. Today many companies have resorted to using used auto glass or low quality foreign made auto glass. Here at All Star Windshield of Yucaipa we don't install either of the two listed above. Are reason have to do with risks, today used auto glass has been shown to suffer from stress cracks. Foreign auto glass is thinner in quality with effects the amount of an impact it can take.

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