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Car Window Wireup

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Many people are unaware that their window regulator or motor has gone bad. Many customer call All Star Windshields inquiring information on why their window won't roll up or down, the window fell of track, or  they can hear the motor working but the window won/t roll up.  Its important to understand that over time your door regulator will accumulate dust, even glass if the vehicle door glass has been broken into.

At All Star Windshields we offer two alternatives when this situations occur. 

  • 1. Window regulator and motor replacement - it's better to use us because we tend to be a lot more cost efficient and most replacement can be done same day at your location.
  • 2. We also offer window wire ups, this technique is offered when money is an issue. with all of us being effected by the economy, its not easy to spend money when you don't have it.
This process is fast, simple and involves us opening the door and securing the window in the upright position, making the window unmovable. This is recommended especially when its that time of the year and bad weather is knocking at the door, plus it allow your vehicle to be safe and secure.      

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