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Encinitas California

Encinitas California is home to the most scenic beaches and exceptional weather. With a population of more the 56,000 and growing, the town has an abundance of attractions and things to do. With tourist coming to enjoy the beaches of Southern California it can be a rainy day when auto glass breaks occur. This is just one reason why we are the leader in auto glass replacement, All Star Windshields of Encinitas California offers auto glass replacements an affordable price. If you happen to be commuting to and from the area, this can increase the chance of being a victim to auto glass chips and windshield cracks. When this occurs it's always a burden, and if not taken care of in a timely manner they can lead to a full auto glass replacement.

All Star Windshields of Encinitas strives to serve you by offering low cost auto glass replacements, With service reaching our customers from any location work or home. Our mission is to make the hassle of auto glass replacement a topic of the past. There are many companies in Encinitas that will try and say they offer the same service that All Star Windshields. But compare when it comes to prices but more importantly customer service.  

Auto Glass Replacement In Encinitas California 

Auto Glass Replacement near Encinitas CA

Auto Glass Replacement in Encinitas California has never been more affordable and cost efficient.  We provide a variety of vehicle windshields in stock, this allows us to compete with several companies in the area. Our low prices have made us the leading windshield replacement company today. Many businesses and dealership have taken advantage off our service. We aim to make our customers auto glass experience fast, convenient and above all else affordable. Today we carry the tools and the confidence to handle you replacement needs. Same day service is available in most areas. Free mobile service to your location, is phone call away. Don't hassle with a company you can't trust, we stand behind our work and guarantee you be happy you went with us. 

 Auto Glass Repair In Encinitas California

Auto Glass Repair In Encinitas CA

 Auto Glass Damage is more common then we would like to admit. To many times we find ourselves behind a vehicle that kicks up a stone then "boom" we hear that sound we hate. These chips that occur are easy to fix, the longer you wait the more likely it can spread to a windshield crack. This is why it's important to choose a company that knows what there doing. All Star Windshields of Encinitas California has countless repairs under their belt. We use state of the art "resin"(the liquid used to fix the damage). This allows us to fix what most companies can't or won't. Don't be mislead by car wash repairs, they typically out to get you. The same process can be done by you but you have the peace of mind of using a reputable company, not some guy how tries to charge you $20 for the repair at first then go into saying it can be done for free. We've seen it over and over. Allow the experts to perform the repair and you'll be happy you did. 

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