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Auto Glass Replacement In Hesperia California

Auto Glass Replacement near Hesperia CA

Hesperia of California is home the leading auto glass provider. We have provided low cost windshield replacement for years now gaining a reputation that has kept customers happy and coming back. Hesperia has grown over the years which has allowed us to serve the community and gain the confidence of businesses and dealerships. We make it a point to go above other companies allowing customers the option of installing OEM windshields or aftermarket auto glass. It's important to understand the difference between OEM windshields and aftermarket windshields. All Star Windshield gives you the choice between the two. Ideally, OEM windshields are a better product all around. The glass tends be thicker and is made specifically for the vehicle. Aftermarket windshields can be just a good depending on the brand, but it depends on the auto glass company and what type of glass they purchase. Many companies these day have turned to low quality aftermarket products. These companies typically offer outrageously low prices which customer are easily taken by. All Star Windshields warranties all parts and labor. So rest assured that you're dealing with the best. 

Auto Glass Repair In Hesperia California

Auto Glass Repair near Hesperia CA

Finding an auto glass company that offers auto glass repairs is easy to find. But finding a reliable auto glass company that specializes in auto glass repairs is like finding a golden ticket.  All Star Windshields of Hesperia California has mastered the art of windshield repairs making them fast, money saving and affordable. The average cost of a windshield in the area can easily run over $200. The cost of the repair depends on the vehicle, starting price for windshield repair is $40.00. This is just a starting price and with the customer coming to our location. We do offer mobile service and most repairs can be done on site. What separates from the rest is how we warranty the repair. If you are not pleased with the repair we give customers three months to credit the amount for the repair toward a new windshield. No other company does this. Most repairs are capable of being done in under 10 minutes. This is something most customers are shocked to hear. To learn more about he process feel free to contact our local office.

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