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When it comes to your auto glass it's important to know what's being installed on your vehicle. Booking a job with a company that has provided you with lowest quote may not always be in your best interest. Would you hire a plumber to install used pipes in your home? Of course not! Some fly by night companies actually install used glass from vehicles that have made their way to the local junkyard. This is not how All Star Auto Glass operates.

Also, would you hire a plumber to use the cheapest parts? Probably not! Some companies install cheaper foreign made glass in effort to elevate their profits. At All Star Auto Glass we offer OEM auto glass and OEM aftermarket glass.  OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer glass. OEM Glass has passed the original vehicles manufactured safety and quality specifications.

OEM Glass tends to be a little more costlier; however, the safety and quality standards should give you a better peace of mind. 

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