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Q. What is a rock chip repair ?

A. Rock chips are encountered on a daily basis nowadays, with commuting to and from work. The likelihood of debris hitting your windshield is higher then ever before. You will be happy to learn that most repairs can be fixed. All Star Windshields makes common windshield damage a simple fix, most repairs preformed in under 20 minutes.   

Q. How big of a chip can fixed ?

A. The best way to know if you windshield is fixable is to place a quarter of the affected area.  Doing this allows us to gauge the damage you may have on your windshield. Damage up to the size of a quarter can be repaired. 

Q. Can you fix cracks in the windshields ?

A. Our technicians are capable of fixing cracks up to the size of a dollar. When the crack grows longer then   this is increases the chances of the crack running (growing longer). We try to inform of this before we attempt to fix the windshield. 

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