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 Here at All Star Windshields our aim is to make our customers auto glass replacement needs fast, convenient and above all else: Affordable! Whether you happen to be a new or returning customer, we carter to needs for auto glass. Over the years we have seen the auto glass industry take on changes. Throughout the ups and downs All Star Windshields has earned a reputation for providing low prices and exceptional service. Since we took on the auto glass industry back in 1990 we've encountered  several companies try saturate the industry. Take it from us, its been a journey for us since day one. Many new and coming auto glass companies think by offer you the lowest prices they can't go wrong. When we started to see companies in the area provide outrageously low prices it took us by surprise as well. We took the opportunity to look further into these companies, we weren't surprised to learn of the products these companies were installing. Many companies don't inform customer of the product their installing and customers are intrigued by a low quote, why ask questions when you think your getting a deal.  Truth be told many customer end up having to replace the windshield sooner then later.  It's important to make you aware of the products that are available today. Today customer's have options, lets call these options "brand names". Like most of see when we go to the store we have a "generic brand"(aftermarket brand) and we have the "brand name"( OEM brand) that we pay more for. To some they woot be able to tell a difference, unfortunately this doesn't always apply to the auto glass industry. We noticed many auto glass companies today installing low quality aftermarket products. They tend to get these products at such a low price it only make sense how they can offer outrageously low prices. With that being said I don't want to misguide you, there are some reputable aftermarket brands today. These brands are Mopar, Pilkington, Car-lite, PPG, Guardian, etc. These are the products All Star Windshields installs,  these products are made better, last longer and provide a quality..

As the leader in auto glass replacement All Star Windshields understands that price can be an issue. When your vehicle is older and you only want to fix the auto glass to sell the vehicle or its a quick replacement of a fix-it-ticket, we carry used auto glass in stock. These products are used for temporary purposes and we make you aware of the pros and cons prior to getting these installed. By providing not only OEM, Aftermarket and used auto glass, we guarantee the lowest prices around. If your not convinced still then you'll be happy to know that we warranty our work. Should you have any problems with workmanship know that we are here to handle anything that should arise. 

Please give us a call so we can provide you with the best auto glass service. We guarantee to meet your needs and leave a smile on your face. 

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