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Windshield Leak Repair

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 Windshield Leak Repair

When it comes to windshield leak repairs, All Star Windshields has more experience then you can imagine. We have take windshield leaks, and made them simple, quick fixes. The money you will spend on windshield leaks can very depending on the situation.  When taken care of in a timely manner you lessen the chance of developing rust build up.  When rust forms on the vehicle it creates a wall between the pinch-weld and the adhesive used to bond the glass to the vehicle. If rust is detected it will be brought to you attention. 

A couple things to pay attention to when searching for a reliable company is what they offer with their serviceWhat happens if the leaks gets worse?  Is it guaranteed not to leak anymore?  What a happens if the repair does not help?.

  • All Star Windshields provides a 6month warranty with all windshield lead repairs.
  • If rust has formed on the pinch-weld there is only so much we can do. Rust requires the vehicle to get body work done. The process entails the windshield or glass to be removed and the metel striped then primered. Primer allows the adhesive to bond to the vehicle.
  • As an auto glass company we limited when it comes to this situation. Our technicians have wire brushes used to strip off as much rust possible. If the leaks should still persist please be aware that rust voids the lifetime warranty offered by our company. 

  Many companies will not make you aware of how bad rust damage can be for your vehicle.  Some companies will apply more urethane(adhesive). The bad thing about doing that is the rust will continue to grow and eat the metal and adhesive. This is just a temporary fix and will lead to leaks later on down the road. You will notice from the moment you talk to our phone technician that we are a company aimed at trying to save you money. All Star Windshields offers a lifetime warranty with all our installs. So before you replace choose a company you know you can trust.


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