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This question comes up often, All Star Windshields of the Inland Empire California goes the extra mile by asking questions about the damage. Over the years, windshield repair has grown in popularity. Most windshield chips or cracks can be repaired. The biggest contributing factor is how soon the damage is repaired after the windshield damage has occurred. Often times, customers call for auto glass repair when the windshield begins to show signs of cracking. In these situations the windshield still may be able to be repaired, but the longer you wait the less likely. Most windshield damage, up to the size of quarter in radius, can be repaired. When it comes to windshield cracks, it depends more on where the impact point is. If the windshield crack is stemming from the damage, its up to our trained windshield repair technicians to make the call on whether its salvageable.  If the windshield crack is coming from under the windshield molding or front hood cowl, your damage may be coming from the edge of the windshield. These types of repairs are hard to see since they are covered. Regardless of the situation, rely on a company that seeks to save you money. We know the cost of a windshield replacement can be difficult, All Star Windshields makes every attempt as trying to save the windshield.

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