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Welcome to All Star Windshields of Riverside California. Whether you commute to and from work chances are you will encounter a windshield chip or crack one day. Today, road debris is the main cause for windshield damage. When it comes to choosing a company to service your vehicle its important that you learn a little about the company. Many companies in Riverside don't provide warranties or incentives should the windshield damage become worse. All Star Windshields of Riverside offers a lifetime warranty with all windshield repairs.  If you're like most customers you'll learn that many windshield chips can go unnoticed, by the time you do see the windshield damage it is to late. It is important for you to get your windshield repair done in a timely manner. Our company goes further then other companies by allowing you to credit the amount of the repair towards a new windshield should you not be happy with the clarity. This allows you the opportunity to attempt the repair, many companies wont do this. In the end the goal is to save the windshield and save you money.  

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