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Windshield Repairs in San Bernardino California have never been more affordable or convenient. With our installers we are capable of repairing your windshield from any location work or home. Choosing All Star Windshields of San Bernardino is not just a better choice, we back up our work by providing you with a warranty. This guarantees that you're getting the best service possible. Today, many windshield repair providers will try to persuade you into getting a windshield replacement. These companies our only out to take advantage of their customers. Our company takes pride in repairing what most windshield repair companies wont. We know that most windshield repairs can be worked on, what makes your windshield repair complicated is the age of the damage and if the damage is to big. This goes into us informing you that windshield damage should be done as soon as possible. The longer the chip is left, the higher chance you have of it spreading. In the end, we both have the same intentions when it comes to windshield repairs so choose a company you can trust. 

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