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Windshield Replacement 


What is a windshield replacement?

If you're searching for windshield replacement in Bloomington California, search no more. All Star Windshields is equipped and ready to handle any windshield replacement from any location. Many customers are unaware of the options available for windshield replacement these days. If you're not familiar with these options, click here. To give you a quick run down of the options, it's important to know what glass is available for your vehicle. Today customers have the option of receiving aftermarket windshields or OEM windshields (original equipment manufactured) meaning the glass is designed to fit and look exactly like the original windshield. Unfortunately, many companies today neglect to inform customers of the options available leading the customer to receive the lowest quality windshield replacement. Here at All Star Windshields we offer and make you aware of all the options available for your vehicle. We carry several aftermarket and OEM products making us the No.1 windshield replacement company in Bloomington California today. 

How much will my windshield cost?

Today windshield replacement cost in Bloomington California can vary, this is mainly related to the features manufactures have made available on windshields. As vehicles continue to offer more and more luxuries, so does the auto glass industry. Specials features are the following, rain sensor, condensation sensor, head-up display, electrochromic mirror, PAAS system, Heated Wiper Park Area, Third Visor, Lane Departure Warning System, Blind Spot Monitoring, Solar Windshield. All these features will contribute to the cost of your windshield replacement. Here at All Star Windshields, we do our best to offer you the lowest price for your windshield replacement. In order to give you an accurate price, call the number provided above. 

How long does a windshield replacement take?

Most windshield replacement can be preformed in under a hours time. In some cases this may change, this can depend on the features and disassembly of parts needed to expose the area to extract the windshield. With mobile service being offered, we take away the hassle of leaving the vehicle or sitting in shop for hours. This means you can sit at home and wait for an experience auto glass technician to arrive. At All Star Windshields we understand the inconvenience it can be to waste a day in the waiting room which is why we offer our mobile service for free. 

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