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      Murrieta California is home to the leading windshield replacement company All Star Windshields. This small and growing community is located near southwestern Riverside County. As the community continues to grow so does the demand for a reliable windshield replacement company. All Star Windshields of Murrieta has gained a reputation for providing low price replacement windshields.

All customers are offered free mobile service, most windshield replacement companies in Murrieta charge extra for this. With the economy in the slumps, free mobile service is the least we can offer. We understand when money is tight and many of you may be searching around for the lowest price, but there's more to outrageously low price that you are not being told. As the leader in windshield replacement it is our duty to inform you of the precautions to look for when receiving a low price that doesn't add up. Many windshield replacement companies have turned to installing used or low quality foreign windshields. Used windshields put customers at a higher risk of air leaks and stress cracks. This usually occurs months after the install, many times the crack will occur in the corners or under the moldings. All Star Windshields of Murrieta does not install used windshields, we only offer OEM products. When it comes to your vehicle and the windshield replacement company chosen, go with a company you can trust.

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