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     Welcome to All Star Windshields of San Marcos California. Over the years we have gain the confidence and reputation for providing low cost windshield replacement in the area. Our motivation has allowed us to work with new customers and dealerships in the area. We specialize in windshield replacement making the process affordable and convenient. We are capable of working on any vehicle year, make, and model. Many customers want to know the cost of their vehicle windshield, its important that you understand that many vehicles today come equipped with special features on their windshield. These features can be anything from an antenna, heads-up display, electrochromic rear-view mirror, etc. These features will make the windshield change in price. Surprisingly, many customer are unaware that the vehicle has them. This brings me into my next topic, do you know your windshield? Today there are several brands you can choose from. If you've called around searching for a quote then you have probably noticed that the prices range from outrageously high to extremely low. This all has to do with the quality of the windshield, the OEM windshield is going to be thicker and capable of lasting longer. The aftermarket windshield can have some visual distortion and sometimes break easier after the windshield receives a chip. With that being said I don't want to discredit aftermarket windshields, this is just something we have learned over time. In our opinion, OEM windshields are the best way to go, although it may cost more the chances of it lasting longer is greater.  Look, we understand cost can be an issue, which is why we inform customers of all their options before they purchase.  All Star Windshields of San Marcos California installs both products making whatever the situation is affordable. Call today to learn about our daily specials.

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